Diversionistii de la YHCA Moldova (fratiorii Renatei Weber si ai lui Gabriel Andreescu) acuza opozitia anticomunista de antisemitism.



Vitalia Pavlicenco, the president of the National-Liberal Party of Moldova and vice-president of the US-based Romanian World Council, during the press-conference last week, stated that she is well aware that the next Parliamentary elections on 29 July, will be falsified by the Moldovan government with the help of Israel. Vitalia Pavlicenco stated on the Internet TV journaltv.md, that the election bulletins with a special stamp "Votat" (Voted) will be prepared and printed by the special high
tech machines in Israel. Surprisingly, this antisemitic claim was not condemned by other politicians, journalists, NGOs or authorities, but, moreover, enthusiastically supported by some of them. On 23 July, the leaders of centre-right "Our Moldova" Alliance stated during the press-conference that hundreds of thousands of election bulletins will be fabricated and printed in Israel and transported to Moldova on election night. On the same date, one of the leading Moldovan news web-sites unimedia.md, which supports Moldova's Liberal parties, explored the idea by publishing an antisemitic article stressing Jewish links with secret societies. In the words of its author, "Jews are involved in secret societies such as, for example, Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA), the Council în Foreign Relations (CFR), the Bilderbergers, Trilaterals, the Zionists, Freemasonry, Bolshevism-Rosicruc ianism, the Order of St. John of, Jerusalem, Club of Rome,
the German Marshall Fund, the Cini Foundation, the Round Table, the Fabianists, the Venetian Black Nobility, the Mont Pelerin Society, Hellfire Clubs".

The main aim of the article is to show "the Jewish power in the world”. Some Moldovan opposition parties accused the Moldovan government of election fraud in April, however no evidence is presented to support their viewpoint. It seems this time the State of Israel is to be blamed for the alleged fraud. The issue is widely discussed in different Internet forums. Last month the Moldovan president Vladimir Voronin was on a working visit to Israel and met with the Israeli president Shimon Peres. The leaders of two countries discussed strengthening cooperation in different spheres. In fact, Moldova has strong ties with Israel, mostly because of the huge Moldovan Jewish diaspora in Israel. Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Liberman was born in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova.

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